Joy of Family

“One is a relative; the other is a stranger” is a statement of discrimination. For those who live magnanimously, the entire world constitutes but a family.”

The Pure heart seeking for the Joy of Family began with our founders who embrace ‘World as One Family’. We at Yes4, enjoy the unlimited perspective of life. Our idea about Family is all inclusive human life on this earth and not limited to just one or two with whom we are connected biologically or chosen to be loved ones. This expansion of the embracing every life on this planet made us evolve a different perspective of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR).

At Yes4, ‘giving’ the ‘first portion of earnings’ for this world as our family is a way to thank the Creator and the Grace of this planet. We dedicate our efforts to be a part of human lives through our ‘Yes4Champ’ initiatives. We centre these initiatives by non-profit partnership and service activities in communities around the globe in the following four key areas, we call it as FEMA:




Able: Capable, Lovable, Liveable

Yes4Champ – FEMA Programs and Initiatives

As a socially responsible company, Yes4 currently is working closely with a variety of organizations, to design and develop programs listed below:

Yes for Sight

Prevention of Blindness

Yes for Touch

Therapy for Lymphedema

Yes for Marathon

Fight Cancer

Yes for Gold

Support for Terminally ill elderly patients

Yes for Donor

Promote Organ Transplant

Yes for Talents

Loans for Studies / Talent management program

Yes for Farm

Support Farmers

Yes for Dining

Stop Wasting Food

Yes for M(otherhood)

Maternity at heart Program

More details on this program will be updated shortly. Stay tuned in. For inquiries regarding sponsorship or community engagement opportunities, contact us